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Buyers' Guide

All BOLD items are features found in most kitchens & bathrooms from Sibra 


  • How are the cabinets held together (the joints) ie. Dowels, dadoes, glues,  locking devices, screws, staples.
  • If the cabinets are held together with screws or staples are they visible from the outside?
  • Are there full backs (minimum 1/2" thick) on base and upper cabinets
  • How thick is the material in the cabinets, the doors, the drawers? Is it 3/4", 5/8", 1/2", 3/8" 1/4", 1/8"?
  • Are the hinges all metal, plastic and metal; all plastic? And do they open 95 degrees, 110 degrees, 120 degrees, 170 degrees?
  • Are hinged or angled corners available or just blind corners?
  • Are base cabinet shelves standard half depth? 3/4 depth? full depth?
  • Are cabinet sizes variable in height? depth, width?
  • Will there be gaps filled with "filler" because the cabinet widths are inflexible?
  • What materials are the cabinets and drawers made of? Wood? Plywood? High density Particle board? Fibreboard ? Hardboard? Masonite?
  • What is the finish on the cabinet material? ( note! Not the doors) Laminate? Melamine covered particle board at least 120gm weight. Paint? Wood Veneer? Vinyl? Paper foil? Lacquer?
  • Is the toe kick 1/8" painted masonite 1/8" veneer or 5/8" mcp or vcp? 


  • How are the joints held together? Ie. Dowels, dadoes, staples, screws, dovetail joints?
  • What are the drawer bottoms made of? 5/8 mcp, 1/2" mcp, 3\8" mcp particle board, 1\4" or 1\8" masonite?
  • Are the drawer sides & glides steel or extruded aluminum with ballbearing rollers, quadro runners? Nylon? Wood?


  • How is the finish applied to the doors? Handwiped? Sprayed in a dust free environment, sprayed in an open room? Brushed?
  • Is the "wooden" door solid wood, veneer on plywood, veneer on particle board, veneer on medium density fibreboard (mdf)?
  • Does the paint on painted doors have a base of lacquer, polyurethane acrylic, or polyester?
  • Are the hinges exposed or hidden?
  • Are basic handles included?


  • Is the quote firm stating the final price including all taxes based upon an agreed plan?  
  • Are there "hidden extras"?


  • Are the installers paid by the hour, by the job, or by the cabinet? Are they salaried employees or subcontractors?


  • Do the cabinets have a warranty from both the manufacturer and the retailer?

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